Art Masterpiece Program


Art Masterpiece is a nationally-recognized volunteer-based, art enrichment and education program. It is based solely upon parents who volunteer to visit classrooms to promote art literacy in children from kindergarten to eighth grade.

Art Masterpiece at BPA

Art Masterpiece lessons are pre-planned, last approximately 45 minutes and include a “hands-on” art activity. The purpose is not to teach various art/craft techniques, but rather to increase the child’s awareness of art. We accomplish this by introducing the students to various elements of art and principles of design in fun ways the students can easily grasp.

There are two parents required for every session. Materials and binders with complete instructions are available in the school library and the Lesson Plans below provide all the information you need to get started.

Thank you for choosing to become involved in a child’s education and be a part of this wonderful program!

Fall Lesson Plans

The lesson plans are posted on Dropbox. If you would like to download and save the PDF, please click the white “Download” button in the upper right corner of your screen. If you are signed into Dropbox, look for the “•••” icon in the upper right of your screen for the download option.

Suggestions for Instructing an Art Masterpiece Lesson

Download Instructing an Art Masterpiece Lesson

  1. Please, DO NOT TAKE THE BINS OR SUPPLIES home. This can create scheduling and supply conflicts with other class rooms.
  2. Review the instruction on line or from the printed copies sometime this week or next.
  3. Ask one of the custodians for access to the supply room in the multipurpose room one or two days in advance to review your materials.  Please gather what you need only.  If supplies are missing, please let me know.  We might have some overlap of grades at the same time or day.  Bring a box to carry the items.  You might find the items in the shared box as well.
  4. Before you start the project, have the students write their names on the back of the paper.  Please double check names are there.
  5. If you like, pick up a snack to share with the class to reward them for a job well done.  Suggestion, something that corresponds with the art itself.
  6. If you want to pull more photos of your artist and their work you can find a lot in a Google search.  The printed materials are sufficient.  We pulled a few photos into a Powerpoint presentation and it took 20-­‐30 minutes.  If you bring your laptop, make sure that your cords work with the school products.  (MAC users)
  7. Come to school 15+ minutes before the session begins to set up in the classroom.
  8. Ask the teacher to assist you in classroom language for discipline.  (find your bubble, clicking down or up)
  9. Run through the instructions and visual aids.  Ask the given questions of the students.
  10. After the kids create their masterpiece, please ask the kids to help clean up.  We want to leave the rooms better than we found them so that we are invited back to share this time with our kids.
  11. Please take pictures or ask the teacher to take pictures while you help the kids with their projects.  We also would love to see a picture of the artwork all laid out together and pictures of the kids holding their artwork.  Great yearbook photos!
  12. Ask the teachers to gather the art after it dries so we can collect it and hang it in the Cafeteria.
  13. Please send us pictures! or 602-­818-­1636


  • Please, DO NOT TAKE THE BINS OR SUPPLIES home. This can create scheduling and supply conflicts with other class rooms.
  • We should have enough supplies for the same grades, running at the same time. Please review the Sign Up Genius schedule to see if other classes overlap your time slot.
  • Please decide who will be collecting the items so that we have enough to go around and please return unused items.
  • Try to contact your partner prior to the event to arrange who will pick up the box.
  • Supplies will be in the storage of the Multi-purpose room.

Additional Information and Questions

For additional information, please contact Gina Nelson.

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