Lunch Payments Online

School Lunch Payments

Dear Parents and/or Guardians,
New this year are online meal payments!   Its free, simple and hassle free. Please visit to add money to your students lunch account.  You can even set up friendly low balance reminders or simply set up monthly payments so you never have to worry again.  
Creighton School District’s policy on charged meals is E-3400 EFDA and states “Reasonable charges shall not exceed five dollars ($5.00) per student for each school year.” In addition, No lunch charges will be allowed under any circumstances during the last ten (10) days of the school year and all negative balances must be paid in full. If your child exceeds the allowed $5.00 charge limit during the school year they will be given an alternate meal that consists of a cheese sandwich on a whole wheat bun, a serving of fruit and a carton of milk. Your child will be given the alternate meal until the charges are paid/or an arrangement has been made with the cafeteria. Please be advised that the cafeteria will be sending payment reminder slips home with your child.

If you would like to pay for the enitre month please use the below chart:

August –Reduced:$7.20  Full Pay:$22.50
September – Reduced:$8.40 Full Pay: $26.25
October – Reduced: $6.00 Full Pay: $18.75
November– Reduced: $7.60 Full Pay: $23.75
December – Reduced: $5.60 Full Pay: $17.50
January – Reduced: $7.60 Full Pay: $23.75
February– Reduced: $7.60 Full Pay: $23.75
March – Reduced: $6.80 Full Pay: $21.25
April – Reduced: $7.60 Full Pay: $23.75
May – Reduced: $7.60 Full Pay: $23.75

Full Year – Reduced: 72.00   Full Pay: 225.00
Weekly Payments
Full Pay-$6.25

Please keep your child’s meal account current and do not allow it to reach the negative level. If you have difficulty paying for your child’s lunch please fill out an application for free or reduced priced meals to see if you qualify for federal assistance or contact your cafeteria manager to discuss a payment plan option.

Thank you for your understanding, if you have any questions please contact your school cafeteria.


Erin Bronner, RD
Director of Food Services