Corporate Matching

Corporate Matching Gift Programs” match cash donations made by their employees (parents) to non-profit organizations. Take advantage of this “Matching” opportunity and your Mark Twain contributions can easily be doubled! This is very easy and provides a substantial amount of extra donations to help our wonderful school.

Click Here To See A List of of just a few Companies With Matching Gift Programs

How do I get the corporate matching funds? Many Fortune 1000 companies offer a “matching gift program.” If you are not sure if your company participates please contact your employer’s human resources department.  Most programs are accessed via the company’s Intranet. To apply for the program you must simply fill out the form from your employer and your employer will contact the PTO for verification or ask you to submit the form through your PTO contact which can be found below.   Please take advantage of this opportunity. It is a win-win for the children at Biltmore Prep.

Below is the information:  Biltmore Preparatory Academy PTO

  • IRS Tax exempt 501(c)(3): 32-0302397
  • Address of donation: 4601 N. 34th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85018